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There Are Dozens Of IT Services Firms In The Kansas City Metro Area That Could Fix A Computer…

But If You’re Looking for a Technology Partner that will outline the Correct Solutions and Protect your Environment, We’re the Only Company You Should Call!

We understand, we truly do.  Companies are frustrated, stressed and worried about their technology and how it’s negatively impacting the bottom line.  Omega Tecks will deliver technology solutions that keep your employees online, your remote workers connected, and your data and systems protected all while reducing your costs.

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Three Reasons to have Omega Tecks Support your Technology

  • We promise to have your back and protect your environment so you can work confidently from anywhere.
  • We will eliminate downtime and give you peace of mind against outdated technology and hardware that continues to cost you money and cause downtime.
  • We can provide cloud solutions that make sense for your business to increase performance, efficiency and security so you can excel.

What Is The Process?

Schedule FREE 30 Minute Consultation.

Simplify and Customize Your Technology Needs

Excel and Grow


Managed IT Services

Learn a better way to utilize Technology with Omega Tecks.

Data Backup & Recovery

Be confident your data and systems are SECURE & PROTECTED from threats.

Technology Assessments

Do you have an inventory of your devices? We can review and provide recommendations.


We analyze your WiFi then provide a complete report to review.

Is Your Business Prepared for a Ransomware Attack?

Omega Tecks offers a FREE Cybersecurity Assessment that is a high-level technology health self-assessment. It is designed to provide businesses with a snapshot of their overall technology health grade and commitment to technology health disciplines.

Omega Tecks Cybersecurity Assessment IS NOT a replacement for a full network, security, and written information security policy assessment; however, it is the best initial step to conducting such an assessment.

For more information, click here to get started with your FREE Cybersecurity Assessment!