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Simplified and Customized Technology Solutions!

For over 30 years, the IT industry has grown at an increasing rate, and Omega Tecks has grown with technology to become a complete technology solutions provider. We are 100% committed to make sure business owners in the Kansas City area have the most reliable and professional IT service. Omega Tecks can solve your technology struggles once and for all.

Here are some reasons why business continue to rely on Omega Tecks for their IT services and support:

  • Our clients say we are a “True IT Partner”.
  • Omega Tecks quickly resolves our problems and the technicians are knowledgeable.
  • Our clients trust us to provide them with the best options and to always make price a priority.
  • When new technology is needed, Omega Tecks provides us with several choices that work with our network.
  • Our clients have confidence that Omega Tecks is not going to take advantage of our lack of IT knowledge and is consistently and constantly looking out for us and securing our vulnerabilities.

Our simplified and customized solutions provide what you desire and want without impacting your budget boundaries.  Omega Tecks is here to Simplify and Customize your Technology Solutions!



This Chart Contains 21 Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring An IT Support Company!

This comparison chart provides a list of questions every business owner should ask a potential IT company before giving them access!

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