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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Why Do Business Need a Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution?

The cost of a few hours of downtime, never mind days or weeks, can be devastating for a business. When a business is down, customers cannot make purchases or access account information. Employees can’t work. The lost revenue adds up quickly. There was a time when taking days or weeks to recover didn’t have the lasting impact it does now. Tape backups that required physical transportation were reliable enough for the time.

However, this is no longer the case.  Businesses cannot be down for days or weeks.  Did you know the average RECOVERY time from a Ransomware attack is 16 DAYS?  Can your business survive being down for 16 days?

From server failure and power outages to cyber threats, downtime can be caused by a number of factors. As ransomware continues to attack businesses everywhere, the average total cost of recovery from a ransomware attack has more than doubled in a year, increasing from $761,106 in 2020 to $1.85 million in 2021. The average ransom paid is $170,404. The global findings also show that only 8% of organizations managed to get back all of their data after paying a ransom, with 29% getting back no more than half of their data.

Manual backups and outdated technology...

won’t help the businesses of today. Solutions designed 40 years ago were created to solve the problems of 40 years ago. Backup tools that add more work for employees aren’t going to function optimally. People make mistakes. The threat landscape businesses face has evolved dramatically.Customers that cling to outdated or manually-driven backup processes may achieve the goal of backing up their data in one sense, but they can’t guarantee its availability when needed, nor can they ensure the process is actually working.

No company is immune to data disaster. It’s clear that the revenue lost when a problem leads to extended downtime is far too substantial to let it become a possibility. Moreover, outdated technology is not the answer.

Companies that want security for the growing list of threats need to consider what they stand to lose, as well the solutions designed to minimize downtime entirely.

Have you Calculated the Cost of Recovery Time and Downtime?

RTOs measure how quickly you need to restore an application, hardware or data inside your environment. RTOs can be used to determine how long you can tolerate an application, server, or data outage. If you’re creating a disaster recovery plan, one of the first things you need to do is determine what you need to protect.

Many small businesses are so focused on up-front costs when it comes to technology that they miss an obvious point. The cost of downtime is potentially much greater to their business. Is this you?

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