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Omega Tecks Cybersecurity Assessment is a high-level technology health self-assessment. It is designed to provide businesses with a snapshot of their overall technology health grade and commitment to technology health disciplines.

Omega Tecks Cybersecurity Assessment IS NOT a replacement for a full network, security, and written information security policy assessment; however, it is the best initial step to conducting such an assessment.

Omega Tecks Cybersecurity Assessment is meant to be a predecessor to a full network, security, and written information security policy assessment.

How does it work?

  • We ask a series of questions to understand more about your current environment.
    • This process takes 30 minutes to complete.
  • This process can be performed remotely or onsite.
  • A security analysis tool is ran on at least three PC’s.
    • Once completed, it closes and is removed.
  • We schedule the follow-up meeting to provide results and remediation plan.

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The information in this document determines a technology health grade in several key areas of technology success. Using this information, your business will have a high-level picture of areas where you possess technology weaknesses or GAPS. This helps to determine where examination, research and effort must be applied in order to achieve improvement.

Alternatively, many businesses forego a full network, security and policy assessment for a direct engagement.  This is an excellent way for businesses who wish to achieve ongoing Technology Success to save money and improve results.