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Business Encryption is the process of scrambling or enciphering data so it can be read only by someone with the means to return it to its original state by using the encryption keys to access the drive/data.

Any company or organization that holds sensitive data has a critical need to ensure that the information stored is properly protected. Businesses that collect personal, private information – data that is used to deliver superior service and make customers’ lives that much easier – nevertheless enter into a trust with consumers. In all-too-common cases when data breaches occur and make headlines, reputational damage ensues. And, when data breaches occur in industries where governmental regulations are involved, organizations found to be careless in safeguarding data can also face substantial fines.

In 2020, many organizations began working remotely and moved from desktops to laptops.  Alternatively stated, company data was put at risk!

SMBs can often have the most to gain from implementing data security measures like encryption. The goal of data security is to keep criminals, corporate spies, disgruntled ex-employees, insider threats, and anyone else with bad intentions from accessing sensitive information. Encryption is a highly effective measure because it renders data such that even if it falls into a criminal’s hands, they can’t read it.

Most common statement businesses make: "It Cannot Happen to Me"

It’s important to know that while data breaches of larger magnitudes grab headlines, it’s actually small and medium-sized businesses that can suffer the most harm from them. For SMBs with less capacity to absorb hardships than larger enterprises, the reputational damage, financial pressure of a large regulatory fine, or loss of intellectual property from a data breach can be a devastating – and sometimes fatal – blow.

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