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Remote Worker

In 2020, companies across the globe were forced to send workers home as governments, states and cities went into lockdown.  “Half of all organizations experienced security incidents associated with remote working during the lockdown period, according to a report by Tessian”.

Even now as areas begin to open back up, remote working is the new “norm”.  It allows companies to reduce their “brick and mortar” footprint, save money and use those funds elsewhere.

 As staff members went home, hooked up their laptop via wireless or hard wired to their home network, the security risk increased 100-fold.

Here are some questions to ask your employee about their home network.

  • Is it secure and can you prove it?
    • Organizations have business class firewalls to prevent intrusion and reduce risk.  Home “routers” do not have these features.
  • Is the device protected from malicious websites?
    • Organizations have features built into their firewall to prevent access to malicious websites.  Home “routers” do not have these features.
  • Does your employee have a way of backing up data stored on the laptop?
    • When working at the office, data is on a server or in the cloud.  Even if it’s in the cloud, research has shown the data is being stored on the device to be worked on, then copied up to the cloud.
  • Can the laptop be tracked if lost or stolen?
    • In the rapid deployment of laptops, many organizations did not have time to think about security, they had to focus on business operations.
  • Is the device encrypted so data cannot be access if it is lost or stolen?
    • Encryption has changed over the years.  No longer must you enter the 25-character password to have an encrypted device.  As stated before, in the rapid deployment of laptops and employees, this was pushed to the side.

Click Below for a great article that discusses Cyber Security and Remote Working.

Organizations with remote workers need to ensure their business owned devices and DATA are secure and protected.  With many organizations using laptops for their remote staff, the increase of thefts or lost devices has increased during the pandemic as well.

What can you do to help your remote workers?

 Omega Tecks has designed the “Remote Workers Solution” to ensure your remote workers are secure and protected from all types of potential disasters.

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Don’t let a pandemic cause your organizations remote workers to be left unsecure and at risk while connecting from any network world wide.

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